Our Story

Directly from the rice field to your table.
In a totally unspoilt environment, only recently devoted to the cultivation of rice, three rice-farming partners operate and personally attend to every single step of their rice’s journey from the field to your table.
After careful preparation of the land between the end of winter and the beginning of spring, the pure waters of the River Ombrone are allowed to flow into the rice fields, flooding them with rich nutrients which will nourish the rice plants and ensure their perfect and healthy growth without the use of additional polluting substances. Late spring sees the most delicate stage; the sowing of the rice seeds. This is the most essential stage for a successful and healthy crop. Wild rice, “giavone”, and other swamp grasses could wreak havoc and damage the rice crop if left undisturbed. Expert hands, therefore, rather than chemical herbicides, are called upon to weed the rice fields for days and days selecting each plant to leave only the small rice saplings to sprout undisturbed in the enormous pools of water. Only then, the undisputable prince of the paddy field, the Riso Maremma rice grain, can grow and safely ripen protected by its golden ears.
Absolutely no preservatives.
Riso Maremma needs no extra additives or preservatives. As in ancient times this wholesome rice is easily and naturally stored. A shorter shelf life is preferred, an indication of its genuine properties, rather than the use of current marketing strategies which often require manipulation and additives in order to lengthen the life of a product to the detriment of flavour and aroma.
The excellence of a unique product.
Maremma rice is of an extremely high quality; a quality due not only to the naturally favourable climatic conditions of the plains of Grosseto but also to the fact that the land on which the rice itself grows has only recently been devoted to this cultivation and is, therefore, not yet impoverished by the repeated mono-cultivations which have been witnessed in other areas of Italy. Our rice is grown only and exclusively in Tuscan Maremma and processed using the most modern technology and machinery with completely natural procedures.
The stone-whitening of the rice does not damage the grain itself but preserves aroma and flavour. Gentle processing procedures avoid the over-heating of the grains and the rice maintains all its natural organoleptic characteristics (vitamins and other nutritional values). Riso Maremma’s final destination is its special packaging, ecological and food-friendly, which allows the rice to “breath” and remain in contact with the air rather than chemical substances - until it reaches our table, fragrant and true, ready to be enjoyed with all its natural aroma and genuineness.